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Racing videos.

There are three videos for you to see on this page. The first is one that is both disturbing and then comforting. It shows some of the horrors caused by the Greyhound racing industry, and then it shows how well Greyhounds fit in as wonderful family pets. Please have the courage to watch it and then tell others who may not know as much as you, not to patronise racing by going to race tracks or the betting shop. With YOUR help we can get this terrible practice stopped. The second video is about some wonderful people who do all they can to save just a few dogs from a cruel death at the hands of the racing industry. The third one is from Greyt Exploitations and it's called Racing to Death.

Please click here to see the first video. To come back to this website just use the back arrow on your browser, (Top left).

To see the second video called "Running for their lives" Click here And the third one Is here.