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Don't come near me... You frighten me ...
Don't look into my eyes... you scare me
I know that after this look... the blows will follow...
Don't look at me,
because you remind me of the one that hit me hard with a stick
and left me, exhausted because of the pain...
tired, exhausted, not wanting to live anymore....
Don't look at me.
I don't understand my situation now... I don't know where I am...
but I wait until they will hurt me again,
because I think that life is nothing but pain.
I can't imagine there could be anything else
because I've never known anything else,
and I cannot forget what they have done to me.
Don't come near me, don't look at me, don't hit me....
Leave me in peace, with my loneliness, in my darkness....
Love? What is that?
A home? What is that? A place between four walls,
where I can't escape from the human who beats me?
I can't believe it would be the wonderful place they talk about...
A hand? That is a mechanism that inflicts pain on my body...
That hurts me, hurts me so much, so much,
And that even hurts me inside... in my heart, in my soul...
inside...in my heart...in my soul...
Don't move your hand towards me, don't terrify me.
Leave me in peace, in the darkness of my cage, in the darkness of my soul,
in the darkness of my life.

When you look Miedica in the eyes, he flees and takes refuge in his hiding place. It's been like this for months and months. We (at the refuge) cannot dedicate to him the time that he needs to overcome this terror, he needs a "psychological" adoptee who can help him overcome his fears.


Miedica, originally in Spanish, (first I think, I've ever known from a Spanish person),.was written by a volunteer Nuria Sanz CortÚs, at the Arca de Noe shelter in Sevilla. Its English translation was done by a Belgian, Hilde Vermeeren, who is a linguist and supporter of ours. I've seen so many 'damaged' galgos like this in Spain.. It is no exaggeration. Anne Finch.


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