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KatieA Night At The Dogs?Katie

Let a Greyhound race into your heart.

You may be surprised to find yourself on this website. If you were looking for a site promoting Greyhound racing then this is not it, but please linger awhile and read some of the information here, you may then never want to have a night at the dogs ever again.

The sheer scale of the cruelty within the Greyhound racing industry is immense and when you place a bet on a race you are in effect saying that you don't mind about what is happening to these loving, trusting dogs. More than that, you are actually playing your part in supporting it by your financial investment. It may only be a few pounds or dollars but it is your personal investment in suffering and death.

There are many pages on this website and I urge you to visit them all. When you have done that you will know what I am talking about here. Some of them contain poems and you may think that poetry is not really a suitable medium for conveying information, but I feel that it is an emotional and personal way to get our message across. Please read some of the poems:- they are based on truth, this is what is going on. Also, there is a page called "Thoughts", I hope it gives you cause for thought.

Nothing on this website is based on fiction. I wish it was just a story that we could read and then forget about but it is all based on fact and it is what is happening right now in one of the most cruel industries around today. Please have the courage to read some of our articles and then decide for yourself whether you want to go on supporting it.